Q.&A.: Transportation Secretary on Biking, Walking and ‘What Americans Want’

“I think that livable and sustainable communities is a game changer,” said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, explaining his “sea change” policy to support biking and walking alongside road projects.

Tougher Emissions Rules for Ships Operating in North American Waters

The International Maritime Organization agreed Friday to a plan creating a North American emissions control area extending 200 nautical miles from the coasts of the United States and Canada.

Transportation Department Embraces Bikes, and Business Groups Cry Foul

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced a “major policy revision” that aims to elevate the import of bicycling and walking. Not everyone is pleased.

Consumers Buy More Efficient Refrigerators, but Keep the Old Ones Humming

Two new studies suggest that while more households are buying energy-efficient refrigerators, the old units remain in use, adding to overall energy consumption.

In Response to California Fuel Regulation, Cargo Ships Chart More Precarious Routes

Hoping to skirt a new clean-fuel rule, more ships are abandoning a long-established shipping lane and choosing a riskier route through a Navy weapons testing area.

Florida Company Builds a Safer C.F.L. Bulb, but Does it Matter?





 The ArmorLite bulb won’t release mercury when broken, but is mercury exposure really a problem with C.F.L. bulbs? Not everyone agrees.